Tucker, Georgia High School Class of 1962

Pat Sparks Friend
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First impressions of Tucker High School: Our family moved from the Cross Keys area to Briarmoor Manor (Hawthorne Drive) in November of my 10th grade (1959) year. Oh! My Gosh! My first day at Tucker I was absolutely HORRIFIED! The building was SO OLD and UGLY! The lockers were actually WOODEN! Mine didn't even LOCK! I thought this must be the most dilapidated and pathetic school on the planet. I went home and actually cried. I told my parents that I could not possibly attend school there. I guess I raised so much fuss that my mother said if I would give it a two week try and at that time if I still felt the same way, I could go back to Cross Keys. I was SURE that was what I would do. However, maybe a day or two later, I felt the "embrace" of my fellow classmates and decided it wasn't such a bad place after all. THANK THE LORD! My high school days were among the very best times of my life. When I remember classes, sports, and other events I almost feel like I am a teenager again and happiness abounds. Since I was always with Bob League (from Cross Keys) I never dated any of the THS boys - maybe that's why the THS girls accepted me - NOT that I would be a threat, but I was just the guys' friend. I have such fond (and a few not-so-fond) memories of the "good old days". Do some of you (I won't mention names but Red was involved) remember the time we climbed the water tower at night and spray painted "THS Class of '62) in red paint on it? Now, that was a hoot! Remember accidentally kicking the trash can down the stone steps into the basement on a daily basis? And ... NOBODY can forget our STAR football team and those exciting times on Friday nights. On the other hand, Coach Rycroft totally hated me. I think it was partly due to Bob driving through the parking lot in his gorgeous '57 Chevy with the Glass Pack mufflers. Rycroft thought it not only his duty but his mission in life to call the cops regularly about that! I do remember having a few days "vacation" a couple of times but my parents never got mad at me about the hijinks. Another time that wasn't so super was when Bob and I were "parking" off Henderson Mill Road and had backed up into the woods for seclusion. Oh! No! All of a sudden lights appeared in the rearview window. God forbid! It was Glenda's dad - A COP! Fortunately he just talked to us and asked us to "move along". One great memory was that the Seniors (when we were Juniors) always actually SPOKE to us. Like we were real people! That was a warm and fuzzy feeling to have their esteemed acknowledgement. They were even nice to my little brother, Jim, who was a "lowly" 8th grader - he was admired by his peers because of it. When Doug Miller, Bill Bacon, Larry Wilson or the others spoke to him in the hallway on occasion, his popularity soared. As most of you know, I married Bob right out of high school. We had two sons, Jon Michael (Michael) and James Christopher (Chris). After seven years Bob and I divorced, very amicably. We are still close to this day and, as a matter of fact, he and his lovely wife, Jeanne, came for a week's visit this fall to stay in my home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We had a ball! My father unfortunately passed away in 1979 of heart disease. I thought my life was over! I adored him. Daddy was always bringing some pitiful, stranded or injured animal home for us to nurse. We had squirrels, dogs, kittens, a raccoon and of course, "Raffles" the crow who became our favorite pet! I KNOW some of you remember him. He lived inside the house but when he wanted out he would just peck on the sliding glass door until someone opened it. He would do whatever crows do and then come back and start his pecking again to come in. He liked to sit on the bar that divided the kitchen from the family room. As my parents enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail, we have a snapshot (do they call them that anymore?) of Raffles with his beak in the top of a bottle of "Old Crow" whiskey. It's hilarious. My parents should have submitted that the the whiskey company for advertisement! Raffles absolutely HATED Nyal Clayton for some reason and would go after him whenever Raffles saw that old, blue Ford coming up the driveway. It was very funny. Raffles also learned to talk but I won't tell you some things he could say! Anyway - fast forward - I married a career Army officer in 1972 and we moved around a lot - last station was Germany when he assumed command of the base there. I have been very fortunate to live in some of the garden spots of the world and even though the marriage was a disaster I am happy to have had it. We had a daughter, Amy Allyn, born in 1973 and she is a total delight. In 1987 Chris was killed in a motorcycle accident and I lost Michael in 2007 to cirrhosis of the liver (yes, he was alcoholic). They were terrible losses. Both boys were not only drop dead gorgeous but sweet and kind and contributed much. Both served in the Armed Forces. Chris was Army, Michael was Air Force. Michael had (has) two children: Bobby, now 25 and Nikkie (Nicole) now 20 both living in the Buford - Flowery Branch area. I have a great grandchild, Aubree, age 3 1/2 and another one on the way. My Amy has a nine year old daughter, Kelsey (4th grade) and a three year old son, Jack. They live only 6 miles away so I see them all the time and provide free babysitting. Kelsey is a "star" soccer player, on the swim team at the "Y", and plays the Cello in the school orchestra. She is also a straight A student. She is my heart! I have been single since 1984 and enjoy every minute of it. I am blessed to live in a Cape Cod cottage in the middle of 50 wooded acres. Nothing around me but cattle, deer, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, wild turkeys and, of course, raccoons. I DO have a lot of crows (actually ravens). In spite of tragedy (like everyone experiences) life is pretty darn good. Forgot to mention the rest of my family. Mother died in 2001 of pancreatic cancer. After a diagnosis in February she passed away in April. My brother, Mike, passed away six weeks later of a massive stroke. "Jimmy" - now "Jim" had been a career Army officer but after ten years and serving in Viet Nam, he resigned as a Captain. He has been a high school teacher for many years at Camden County High School in St. Marys, Georgia. His wife, Florence, also teaches in the same school. Jim teaches American history and psychology while Florence teaches journalism and English. I don't see them as often as I like but I managed to get to Florida last November and they drove down to spend some time with me. They are promising to come to Wisconsin this year. Any and All of you are invited to come visit. I have a two-story with two fireplaces so accommodations are available! Hope to see everyone at a 50th reunion!!! Much love and Peace! Pat Sparks Friend
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouses: Bob League - met in high school at Cross Keys in 1959. We were married until 1962. Married Allen James Friend in 1972. He was a career Army officer and we met through my "little" brother, Jim (who was also an Army officer in the same Battalion) at a formal Army affair at Ft. Benning, GA. We were married until 1984.
Children: Amy Allyn Friend Klug - Born December 1973. She is a housewife and the mother of two spectacular children. Her husband is "Eric Klug" (pronounced KLOOG). HE IS JUST ABOUT PERFECT! Amy graduated from Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo) in 1995 with a degree in sociology. She is athletic, playing tennis, running marathons, and competitive biking. In high school and college she was involved in gymnastics. She has been the president of the PTA at Kelsey's school for the past 2 years Her children are: Kelsey Amber, age 10, in the 5th grade and Jack Christopher, age 4 and in pre-school. Kelsey is in the school orchestra, playing the cello. She is a super soccer player, swimmer, and is in the school drama club. Jack is pretty amazing! He loves anything Michael Jackson! How does he even KNOW about the King of Pop?? He is a very animated child and, in fact, and has an agent who is planning to use him for "print-work", commercials and, hopefully, TV and the movies.
Grandchildren: Robert Jack League - born 1986 (son of my oldest child, Jon Michael, now deceased). Lives in Flowery Branch, Georgia and manages a vehicle detailing business. Nicole League Dulaney - born in 1991 (daughter of my oldest son, Jon Michael, now deceased). Lives in Buford, GA with husband, Kris Dulaney. Kris recently returned from serving with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan). "Nikki" is the mother of four-year-old Aubree and 6 month old, Addy. SO I have TWO great-grandchildren.
Siblings: Jim, my "little" brother who was mostly obnoxious when I was in high school four years ahead of him! He has been teaching high school American history and psychology for the past 21 years in Camden County, GA.
Career: I have not worked since 2001. Prior to that I was a self-taught administrative assistant (senior secretary) always in the health care industry. I worked in hospitals and dialysis centers for years.
Future: Play more Bridge
Religion: Episcopalian faith
Education: 2 years at Oglethorpe University
Health: Health has been a bit shaky in 2011. Had a stroke in April and heart attack in July. I'm doing well at the present time - TAKING MEDS!!! Have suffered with arthritis for years - also have a bad back which my chiropractic doctor takes care of.
Travel: Oh, my goodness! I have been all over the world - even visited Moscow, Russia back when it was the USSR. London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Saltzburg, and many places in Switzerland. Lived in West Germany (near Heidleburg) for years. I have travelled and still travel quite a bit. I have friends in Palm Springs, CA. and one of my best trips was visiting them last March. Also, have been fortunate to meet many, many famous movie stars and sports figures. Even had Clint Eastwood as a plane seatmate once!
Remain in Contact with: Billy Hardin, Verene Stanley, Nyal Clayton, Doug Miller, Gerry Gust, Phyllis Edwards and Red Stevens.
Most Memorable Teacher: H.B. Trimble (English). Unfortunately, when I got around to calling him to tell him just how much he had meant to me, I discovered he was deceased. He was an incredible influence in my life.
Hobbies /Activities: Reading and Bridge.
Favorite Teams: Bears, Packers, UGA Bulldogs.
Locations: Have lived in 14 states and Europe. I like every place I have ever lived but Wisconsin is very, very special. Hope I stay here (but will be buried in Milledgeville, Georgia next to Chris).
Started Tucker: 10th grade.
Favorite Subjects: French and English.

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